• John, Merseyside - July, 2015

    I needed advice regarding long term savings / saving for retirement. Explained everything in plain English, didn't over promise and gave me a clear understanding of what I need to do to achieve my goals. An investment strategy has been put in place and I am happy with and understand the plan.


    I don't feel I could suggest anyt Read More

  • Marta, Lancashire - July, 2015

    Looking for advise to re-mortgage. One consultation put me on the road to a much more secure financial situation. Allie was understanding, put me at ease and offered extremely professional and clear advice. The outcome of the consultation was beyond what I was looking for. I was very negative about my situation, but Allie turned that around and has given me renewed confide Read More

  • Robin, Lancashire - November, 2014

    Allie is very approachable and quite charming. This is supported by a sound knowledge of the subject. She shares her knowledge in a very reassuring style and has inspired great confidence in her advice. She is more than willing to come to see you at your convenience. I feel my money is safe in her hands.


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  • Emily, Merseyside - November, 2014

    Allie was extremely helpful and just knew exactly what we needed and what would be best for our situation. I was completely confident that Allie would carry out all our requirements. She was so helpful and never minded me continuously contacting her to clarify my understanding of any issue. Everything was delivered on time and completed on time. The after service we receiv Read More

  • Gail, Merseyside - October, 2014

    I can not recommend Allie & her team highly enough..! They assisted with all aspects of our mortgage application & worked so hard to ensure we got the best one for our requirements! They took all the hassle out of what would have been a very stressful process for us. They were on hand to deal with all our queries, no matter how silly and we would have been lost wit Read More