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Private medical insurance

Treat yourself to the very best care

If you don’t get private medical insurance in your employee benefits package, then why not let us arrange it for you?

This type of insurance pays for the cost of your private healthcare treatment if you get sick or injured. So if you can afford to pay it, maybe it’s worth paying a bit extra every month. For starters, you’ll enjoy more choice over the treatment you receive. You can also select the level of care you get, along with how and when it’s provided.

Choose your level of treatment

Basic private medical insurance usually picks up the cost of most in-patient treatments and day-care surgery. Yet some policies let you extend your cover to outpatient care such as specialists and consultants. You might even receive a small amount for each night you spend in an NHS hospital.

Whether you choose to pay monthly or yearly, it’s worth remembering that most policies don’t cover pre-existing conditions. Still, if private medical insurance sounds like something you’d like to explore, why not let us help?

Talk to the people who care

We can tell you more about the benefits, while also advising you on which level of medical insurance could be best for you. Plus, if you decide to go ahead and take out some cover, we’ll search the whole of the market for deals you won’t find online, or direct from an insurer. It’s all part of the five-star care package we treat all our clients to.