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Life assurance

Life assurance

For all of life’s journey

If the worst happens, it’s nice to know your loved ones will be taken care of. But with so many life assurance policies out there, where do you start?

The quickest and easiest place is with us. Guiding you through the maze of options, we’ll make sure the bills are covered, even if you pass or you’re unable to work. Sometimes referred to as life insurance, life cover and level term assurance, it’s an option everyone should consider, even if you don’t have any dependents or a mortgage.

Do I really need life assurance?

If you want to provide security for your family or anyone you financially support, it’s always a wise idea. After all, none of us know what’s around the corner. Life assurance pays a death benefit to the beneficiary of your life assurance policy. And if you have any dependants or outstanding debts such as a mortgage, it will make sure your family don’t lose their home.

As experts in life assurance cover, we also believe it should go one step further and provide a financial buffer during difficult times. Yet whatever the level of protection you’d like to add, we can talk you through the options that fit you best.

What types of cover are there?

You’ll find there’s a range of policies available. ‘Whole of life assurance’, for instance, covers you for your entire lifetime. ‘Term assurance’ policies, on the other hand, cover you for a fixed period, such as 10 or 20 years. Typically, you’d take a term assurance policy out in combination with a mortgage. 

Of course, like all insurance plans, there’s an awful lot of small print. Fortunately, we can guide you through all the terms and clauses, guaranteeing you’re fully protected. Plus, we can check your overall level of existing cover, especially if you’ve taken out a number of policies over the years. By carrying out an in-depth review, we can check that they’re still the best option for you.

Protect yourself and your family

If you’d like to rest easy knowing you and your loved ones are protected, then why not take the hassle out of the process? After all, life is for living. The rest you can make simple with us.