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Full financial review

Full financial review

Do you know what your future looks like?

Whatever your stage of life and no matter your goals, our full financial review service will give you a clear picture of how to get there.

You could be planning your future retirement, be about to retire or you simply have a landmark you’d like to reach in your investments. If any of these apply to you, our financial review service could be just the thing to help you achieve your ambitions. Why? Because while you may have a pension or investment in place, do you know what it will be worth in the future?

For instance, will it be enough for you to retire and enjoy the lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of? Or at least, give you a steady income after you finish work? In our experience, it’s best not to leave it to chance. Especially if like many people, you have pensions and investments scattered around from different employers and providers, making them hard to track.

By bringing them all together under a single strategy, we can give you a crystal clear picture of what your future holds, based on your current portfolio. And help you make any adjustments you may choose to make.

It’s often enlightening to have all your finances reviewed. Sometimes a nice surprise to see how much you have saved. Oftentimes a relief to know you’ll be taken care of. And vital to know, too, if your retirement fund isn’t going to cover the lifestyle you want, or you’re at risk of paying too much in tax and fees.

Knowing what you have in place gives you peace of mind. Yet more than that, it allows you to make better decisions as you move forward in life. That’s why we go so in-depth with every financial review. We’ll round up all the information on your current policies and investments, assess your attitude to risk and get to know you – your goals, challenges and dreams for the future. When we’re done, we pull all of this together into a rock-solid financial plan, all mapped out in simple terms.

With your plan in hand, we’ll continue to review it every year, making sure you stay on track to achieving your goals, either on time or earlier than you expected.

What’s included?

  • Your own financial adviser: independent, impartial and with your best interests at heart.
  • Your own dedicated administrator: who’ll keep you updated throughout the whole process.
  • Two 1-1 meetings with your adviser: including an initial fact-finding meeting and a second meeting where they’ll talk you through their recommendations, either in-person, online or over the phone. During both meetings, they’ll answer any questions you have and explain the process, fees and suggested plan in full detail.
  • Access to an online portal: where you can upload and download all documents securely.  Here you can also view any investments you make with Allisons, update your profile pages and message us with questions.
  • Learn your attitude for risk: through a set of defined questions that will be as illuminating for you as they will for us. We make a point of doing this because no investments are guaranteed. And, even though we aim to keep your investments on an upward curve, we’ll only do so with a degree of risk you’re comfortable with.
  • Regular reviews of your attitude for risk: as your life and attitudes change, we adapt your investments accordingly
  • Income forecasts: our cashflow models will give you a clear picture of what your pensions and investments will look like in the future. And if you’re heading into retirement, we’ll generate a model that will show you what you can take from your pension and how long your money will last.
  • Protection review: we’ll review your existing life policies and make recommendations on whether they’re fit for purpose, or if a different type of policy would suit your situation better.
  • Recommendation report: once we know what existing pots you have, what risk level you’re comfortable with and any goals you aspire to, we’ll create your own personal recommendation. We might recommend that you move your money into a more suitable investment, or that everything stays where it is. Either way, you can rest easy knowing you’re making the very most of your money, in line with all of your goals.

Get closer to your future

Are you curious to find out where you stand financially? It’s not just a wise idea to know, it’s essential to be able to achieve all you want in life. With our help, it needn’t be difficult to get a clear picture, or to make sure you’re well on course. And for a relatively small investment now, it could prove extremely profitable in the future. To get started with your review, simply get in touch and let us handle the rest.