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How are we paid?

Pricing that’s clear and fair

Because we’re independent, we’re completely unbiased when it comes to the products and services we recommend. So whichever you decide to go with, you can be sure our only interest is in supporting your financial future.


When it comes to finding you the best mortgage for your home, we’re paid a fee by you and a commission by the lender. Here’s a quick look at the fees you’ll pay for our mortgage services:

New clients:£375
Returning clients:£275
Clients using Help to Buy:£449
Clients who need help with debt consolidation:£499
Clients who need help with adverse credit:£499
Clients taking out lifetime mortgages:£499
Product transfers: this one’s free, we won’t charge you a penny

The above fees are only payable once the lender provides you with a mortgage offer.

Commission is paid to us by lender and is specific to that lender, the loan amount and product you choose. All commission is disclosed before you apply and is only paid once the mortgage completes.


When it comes to investment reviews, our fees are very simple:

Individual financial review of 1 to 2 pots: £395

Individual financial review of 3 to 5 pots: £495

Individual financial review of 6 or more pots: £595

Joint or couples review with 1 to 2 pots per person: £595

Our typical fees for arranging an investment or pension on your behalf are set out in our Services & Costs document, which we’re happy to provide on request.

If you opt for one of our ongoing service packages, the cost will depend on your individual situation. In other words, you’ll only pay for the actual work we carry out for you. Better still, our ongoing service can be cancelled anytime. No ifs, buts, or hard feelings.