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Our process

Reliable results every time

While your life, goals and finances are unique, we find that following a set order of doing things helps us to get you the best and most reliable results. It also helps us make the whole process a lot smoother and simpler for you.

Our four-step process in detail:

  1. Free initial consultation

We start by talking to you about your current situation. Your goals, ambitions and any challenges in the way. This friendly fact-finding session will identify where we can best help. Plus of course, we’ll give you a clear picture of any costs involved, so you can decide whether to go ahead.

  1. Personalised analysis

If you choose to proceed, then the next step is to analyse any information you supply to us. This will help us pinpoint the relevant areas to research. By delving deeper into your unique circumstances, we can then give you access to options you won’t find on comparison sites or direct from a bank.

  1. Solution research

Now that we’ve got the full picture on your goals, challenges and finances, we’ll analyse the entire market for products that meet your exact needs. We’ll also identify other opportunities that could help you along the way. From there, it’s all about making the best recommendation for your financial needs.

  1. Tailored recommendation

After our research is done, we’ll produce a detailed set of recommendations. In other words, a clear plan of how best to achieve your goals. We’ll also suggest other products and services we think could benefit your financial future. Then, you get to choose whether you want to go ahead with our suggestions.

* For investments an analysis and research fee will apply but will be discussed with you at the consultation stage.